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    Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation in Calgary

    Restoring Vision After Brain Injury

    Neuro optometric rehabilitation is a specialized field of optometry that focuses on diagnosing and treating visual deficits caused by traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), stroke, cerebral palsy, and other neurological conditions.

    Do you suffer from neurological vision problems?

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    Calgary Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Optometrists

    At Easy Blink Optometry, our team of neuro optometric rehabilitation optometrists are dedicated to providing comprehensive care to individuals who have experienced vision problems due to brain injuries or neurological disorders.

    We understand the profound impact that visual impairments can have on daily life, and we work tirelessly to develop personalized treatment plans that address each patient's unique vision assessment and needs.

    Treatable Symptoms

    Common visual symptoms that we can treat include:
    • Double vision
    • Blurred vision
    • Poor depth perception
    • Visual memory problems
    • Difficulty processing visual information

    Do you suffer from post-concussion vision problems?

    Up to 50% of patients report light sensitivity after concussion that can last weeks or years if untreated.
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    When do you need a specialized Neuro Optometrist?

    There are several scenarios in which seeking early diagnosis from a neuro optometric rehabilitation specialist is essential:

    Traumatic Brain Injury

    Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), or minor brain injuries such as concussions, can cause a wide range of visual deficits.

    These issues can persist even after the initial traumatic brain injury of itself has healed, leading to ongoing debilitating symptoms that affect daily activities.

    Neurological Conditions

    Conditions like cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, diabetic neuropathy, and strokes can adversely the visual function and affect the brain cells visual system, leading to various visual dysfunctions physical disabilities. 

    In these cases, neuro optometric rehabilitation can help patients regain their visual abilities and improve their overall quality of life and physical disabilities.

    Post-Concussion Syndrome

    Even a mild traumatic brains and concussions can result in visual symptoms that linger long after the traumatic brain injury itself. 

    If you are experiencing ongoing visual problems, even after an initial treatment, seeking the expertise of a neuro optometrist is crucial.

    Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation at Easy Blink Optometry

    At Easy Blink Optometry, we offer comprehensive neuro optometric rehabilitation therapy services to patients in Calgary and surrounding areas of Alberta. Our team of highly trained neuro optometrists utilizes advanced diagnostic tools and personalized treatment regimens to address each patient's unique visual needs.

    The Vision Rehabilitation Process

    The vision rehabilitation process at Easy Blink Optometry typically includes the following steps:

    1. Comprehensive Eye Exam: Our neuro optometrists conduct a thorough eye examination to assess visual acuity, eye movements, and other visual functions.

    2. Personalized Treatment Plan: Based on the assessment findings, we develop a tailored treatment plan that may include vision therapy, prism lenses, or other medical rehabilitation strategies.

    3. Vision Therapy: Our neuro optometrists guide patients through a series of vision therapy exercises designed to retrain the visual system and improve visual skills.

    4. Ongoing Monitoring and Adjustments: We closely monitor each patient's progress and make adjustments to the treatment plan as needed to ensure optimal visual recovery.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A regular optometrist focuses primarily on prescribing corrective lenses and detecting eye diseases, while a neuro optometrist specializes in diagnosing and treating visual deficits resulting from brain injuries, neurological conditions, neurological disease and other medical conditions that affect the visual system.
    The duration of neuro optometric rehabilitation therapy varies depending on the severity of the visual deficits and the individual's progress in the recovery process. Some patients may require several months of both neuro optometric therapy and vision rehabilitation therapy, while others may need ongoing neuro optometry support and follow-up care.
    Many private insurance plans cover your neuro optometric therapy and rehabilitation services, especially when prescribed as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for a brain injury or neurological condition. Our team at Easy Blink Optometry can assist you in understanding your coverage and navigating the insurance process.
    Neuro optometric rehabilitation can help address a wide range of visual problems, including double vision, blurred, vision problems, visual field deficits, visual processing disorders, eye movement disorders process vision only, visual function, and visual-spatial deficits.

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      Easy Blink Optometry

      Your trusted optometry practice dedicated to providing the highest quality eye care.
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      Easy Blink Optometry

      Your trusted optometry practice dedicated to providing the highest quality eye care.
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